Marriage and Relationship Counseling

  • Avoiding conflict with your spouse because you fear nothing will get resolved in your relationship?
  • Feel discouraged or helpless because the same types of fights with your partner happen over and over again?
  • Suffering due to cheating or infidelity in your relationship?

Whether you’re just looking to improve your relationship, or are experiencing more serious problems, I can help. I help couples create more safe, stable, and intimate relationships.  You can learn to trust and rely on one another to meet your deepest wants and needs.

You may be thinking:

“But he seems oblivious to what I need from him”

“I can’t seem to figure out how to please her”

“No matter what I do, it’s never enough”

“Why do I often feel ignored and have to do so much by myself?”

happy couple website pic
Unfortunately, most of us did not have the best role-models as children for handling our relationship conflicts as adults in a loving, mature and effective way. Maybe we didn’t learn to show our love to our partners in a way that they can really take it in and feel nourished and cared for. Or maybe we unintentionally put up so many walls that block the intimacy we’d really like to have with them.

In our couples counseling sessions you can learn:

  • How to communicate your needs to your partner in a more effective way
  • What are your spouse’s triggers. How do you use this knowledge to prevent fights and learn to repair the damage when things go awry
  • How to treat your partner with compassion and empathy to foster greater understanding, respect, acceptance, and self-esteem for both of you

If any of the above issues sounds familiar to you, take the first step towards improving your relationship by scheduling an appointment with me today. Give me a call at 503-954-4852 or click here to schedule an appointment. I look forward to meeting you!